Sunday, 18 May 2014

The Blue Tribe

I love to doing nail art. Seeing the result of my work is the best thing but doing the nails can be somewhat of a hassle. I'm a perfectionist so if the line isn't straight, I can get a tad bit annoyed and have  to quickly fix my mistake. Thank goodness the nail kit that my mom bought me. It contains tubes of nail polish that can be erased with water if it isn't dry. It's an absolute life saver.

Besides doing nail art on myself, I haven't done it many times on other people. So when my friend asked me to do her nails, I wanted them to be perfect. This resulted in me having to paint her nails for about 2 hours (don't worry, we had breaks in between) as I wanted her to love them. We got inspiration off of an Instagram photo but I also gave it my own twist.


O.P.I nail envy 
wet n wild // i need a refresh-mint
skyists // black
china glaze // white out
nail brush


(All photos are mine. Please excuse the nail polish on her fingers as we forgot to clean them up before we took the pictures)

I love this colour/design and had so much painting my friend's nails. I hope to have more opportunities to paint nails for my friends in the future.

A special thank you to Jasmine for being an amazing nail model and for also sitting there for around two hours as I tried to make your nails look perfect.


Monday, 12 May 2014

Busy Bees

(Source: Pinterest)

I would like to apologize for my absence on my blog as these past few weeks have been very hectic and busy for me. I love blogging and I enjoy putting out content, but I've simply have not had time for it recently. However, I will resume blogging this weekend and I can't wait to publish another post!

That being said, I thought this quote would be suitable for this post. As you continue with the week, I want you to remember just one word: RELAX. In our society, it's a constant battle to get everything crossed off on our to-do list but don't forget take a break from your hectic schedule. Remember to be present in the moment and just enjoy life. Rest, relax, and refresh.

I hope you have an amazing week!